Support for all devices

Fully mobile supported virtual table top platform, so anyone on any kind of device can play with their group. 

Create your adventure

Easily create your tabletop adventure by chaining together your maps, so players can move freely through your world. 

High-Res Supported

Our platform supports animated maps and tokens. Use your favorite animated map without sacrificing performance.

Support for many games

Use Heroic Roll with your favorite tabletop game, whether it’s d20 based, d6 based, or anything else! 

A new Way to Play Online or Around your table…

Heroic Roll is a fantastic digital tool perfect for online gaming, or incorporate it with your in person games!

Heroic Roll is being developed with a “mobile-first” methodology so anyone on  any type of device can use our platform. You don’t need a high end PC to play your favorite roleplaying tabletop games with your friends. 

Latest news

Check out the latest news about Heroic Roll below!

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See Heroic Roll in Action

On our Youtube channel we frequently post updates and commercials like the one below! Checkout one of our faborite commercials, which shows off the power of Heroic Roll!