As we are getting ready for our Kickstarter launch on July 28th, 2021, I wanted to give a massive shoutout to two map artists who allowed us to use their amazing maps in our preview video. In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch our video below:

Our Heroic Roll Preview Video

In our preview video, we showed four unique maps created by two artists. I have used both of their maps for my games, and I absolutely love how vivid and stunning they are.

Cosmic Stew, who can be found on Twitter here, makes incredible battle maps perfect for any tabletop game with different types of terrain. The castle Sowlack maps they recently featured on their one-year anniversary post is one I heavily used for a Forgotten Realms game. They are highly detailed and very colorful. I strongly recommend signing up for their Patreon

Tiffany Munro, who runs the website is the other artist we featured in our preview video. Not only does she make fantastic battle maps (I personally love her Feudal Japan maps), but she does full world maps. I’m planning to use several of her maps as inspiration for my next tabletop game. She even does special commissions!

Many artists have crafted unique pieces of work that can go a long way to enhance the immersion of tabletop games. We hope that all of you will take the time to check out these artists’ work, and most importantly, financially support them. 

Huge props to Cosmic Stew and Tiffany Munro! We thank you so much for letting us use your art for our project!

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