We are happy to announce the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign, which happens on July 29th at 9am pacific time! You can check out the post at this link. Matt and I are super excited to be launching this project and hope people will help us reach our goal. If you have any friends who love playing tabletop games, especially online, please share our project with them.

One of the key reasons we are going the Kickstarter route is because we really want feedback from other tabletop gamers. Matt and I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons™, but we are designing Heroic Roll to work with any tabletop game that uses battle maps and miniatures.

We plan to offer an exclusive special edition set of tokens and battle maps you can use with your game on most Kickstarter reward tiers. We are working with some of the best artists, cartographers, and battle map designers to help create our content. We plan to hold special events for the higher tiers, such as a virtual event series on running/game mastering tabletop games. We will commission unique art pieces immortalizing your favorite characters for our top financial backers (including them with our special map and token packs at launch). Our top backers will also be the first to experience Heroic Roll via a professionally run table top game when we get closer to launch!

One of the most essential features of our rewards is to allow our backers to decide our official product roadmap by enabling them to vote on features. We plan to conduct a series of customer development interviews with our top backers to understand what challenges they face when using a virtual tabletop platform for their game. Based on the results of these interviews, we’ll list out a series of features and allow our community to vote on them. The more you invest, the more you have a say on the future of Heroic Roll! Pretty cool, huh?

When the Kickstarter is launched, we’ll also be opening up our Discord Server. We’ll encourage our backers to share their perspectives through our Discord server, get great feature ideas, and meet other amazing fans of the tabletop roleplaying community. Please join us starting Thursday, July 29th, 2021!

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