Heroic Roll Movement Map

We are so grateful for the support we’ve received thus far. We believe Heroic Roll will be an incredible platform and a great app you can incorporate into your favorite tabletop roleplaying game. I recently ran an in-person Dungeons and Dragons game using an old-fashioned battle map, and I struggled to draw a very complicated layout. I was thinking, “I can’t wait for Heroic Roll to become a reality. I can just upload an amazing battle map into the app and have my players use that instead!”

We still have a long road ahead. If you haven’t done so already, please share with your friends about Heroic Roll and encourage them to back this Kickstarter. We are almost at the 30-day mark and are planning on launching a bunch of marketing campaigns, but we believe in the power of “word of mouth.” We can use all the help we can get! We want people from all walks of life to support this project. The diversity of our supporters creates a wealth of different ideas; product features they’d love to see with Heroic Roll. Our app will be a tool anyone can use with their favorite tabletop game!

Checkout our latest commercials!

Promo Video:

Heroic Roll Promo video showing off our awesome virtual tabletop app.

Kickstarter Rewards Promo Video

Heroic Roll Promo video highlighting some rewards from our Kickstarter.

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