Hey everyone!

Despite our silence, Matt and I have been very busy preparing for Heroic Roll in 2022!

Starting after our Kickstarter Campaign, I did over 100 interviews with different members of the tabletop community and people who backed our Kickstarter campaign. I’ll share some of the results of their feedback very soon, but it has given Matt and me a ton of ideas on our product roadmap for Heroic Roll.

We haven’t decided if we will go back to do another crowdfunding campaign, but we have made many excellent connections with content creators, artists, and generally fantastic people.

We plan to unleash an open beta version of Heroic Roll before the end of 2022, though there may be some calls for user-testing of various components of our platform. I look forward to incorporating Heroic Roll into my in-person games asap. I’m a terrible map artist, and I don’t have the space in my home for a ton of miniatures and battle map decorations.

We plan to write more content about running games using digital tools. A big topic manifested during my interviews is a lot of tabletop players want to incorporate more technology into their games. Still, they don’t know how, and many groups have remained online only throughout the pandemic. Matt and I have been doing a ton of online gaming and want to share our own experiences to give players (and dungeon masters) ideas.

If you aren’t already following us on Social Media, please visit our “follow us” page for links. I strongly encourage folks to subscribe to our YouTube channel as Matt and I plan to push video updates there, though we’ll cross publish through our blog as well.

We will soon set up a sign-up portal for those interested in being our beta testers. We will post on the website when that is available!

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