Any activity involving a group of people requires communication, trust, and understanding, which is especially true for […]
We had a lot of followers let us know that they like using TikTok, and truth be […]
Dungeons and Dragons. D&D has a reputation as a rules-heavy game. It can be intimidating to learn […]
During the Covid-19 lockdown, many of us resorted to online gaming for our Tabletop roleplaying games. This […]
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Hey all! You can checkout our new Q&A video for Heroic Roll here! Follow our Youtube channel […]
The games I run tend to be very detailed, requiring players to take notes, but the game […]
Assets such as world maps, maps of a city, or battle maps help tabletop roleplaying games create […]
It is no secret that Dungeons and Dragons is my favorite tabletop game, but I do play […]
Hey everyone! Despite our silence, Matt and I have been very busy preparing for Heroic Roll in […]
Matt and Chris sat down for a new Q&A video to answer questions we received from our […]