A new way to play your favorite table top games

A new way to play table top games with your friends

Play anywhere, with anyone, on any mobile or desktop device….

Create your own adventure

With Heroic Roll’s map functionality, use any high-resolution or animated image to create an epic adventure for your tabletop games. Chain the maps together to help guide your players through your story.

Designed for mobile devices first

Heroic Roll is developed with mobile devices in mind first, empowering players to play tabletop games anywhere. Play with your friends online, or use Heroic Roll while sitting around your table.

Easy to use and accessibility friendly

Heroic Roll’s intuitive interface will guide users on how to use the software while playing their favorite tabletop game. You don’t need to watch hours of videos to use our platform.


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Heroic Roll is 100% touchscreen supported. Manage your maps, characters, and everything else with a simple touch on your screen. Mobile accessibility mode will be fully supported.

Heroic Roll includes a fully customizable character information screen, dice rolling, and character journals bringing your campaign to life. Everything your players need to record your adventure.

You don’t need a high end machine to create your adventure, and neither will your players. Heroic Roll will support non-gaming desktops and every manufacturer supported mobile device.

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